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Welcome to the Spice website!

“The happiness of man beginsin the family”, the great writer Leo Tolstoy once said. We, too, believe in this invaluable source of happiness, which is why we have made Spice a world for families where you and your loved ones are always welcome, and where everything is meant to suit your wants and needs.

Spice offers the opportunity to not just shop at some of the 200 shops, but also to have a pleasant meal and spend some quality time with kids. More information about the shops and their location is available right here at our website. See you at the shopping complex Spice!

Do you remember where you were shopping at the turn of the century? It may seem just a while ago, but at that time Latvia was just beginning to get to know shopping malls. Spice opened in 2001 and originally had space for just 80 shops.

Now Spice has grown into one ofthe most popular shopping venues in Riga,a complex made up of two shopping centres: Spice and Spice Home. The combined area of both would be enough for eleven midsize football pitches. Almost 700 employees take care of shoppers’ convenience and well-being. Should they decide to come to work all at once, this would require seventeen buses.

The slogan of the shopping mall Spice, “World for Family”, was not chosen by accident, because here any person canfind something he or she loves to do, and time passes very quickly. Just imagine that if you visit every shop for just one minute, you will spend almost three hours at Spice, and walk a distance of around three kilometres. Quite an exercise, is it not?

Customers appreciate this, and every year we are visited by approximately 8 million customers. To put this in perspective, it could be said that the entire population of Switzerland goes shopping at Spice annually.

The 162 retail outlets have all that is necessary for kids and adults alike. The enormous Rimi hypermarket,whose shelves store enough food for one family to live off for fifty years,also offers, besides the accustomed products, ingredients for making exotic dishes and finding new inspiration for experiments in the kitchen. When shopping at Spices Rimi, your menu will never be boring!

Or, if you do not like to cook, you may have a meal right here at Spice. Our cafes and restaurants have somuch to offer and so much room that we could feed all school children from any Latvian school within an hour. And - have every visitor entertained, even the smallest ones. The little ones will have lots of fun at the Lido Children’s Town with its 5D cinema,cars, train, carousel and other attractions, while their parents tour the Fashion Alley designed specifically for fashion a ficionados, or visit shops targeted at those who like sports and active lifestyle.

If you are visiting Spice, rest assured that here you will find anything that you are looking for, be that good books, posh jewellery, wristwatches, cosmetics, perfume, souvenirs or flowers. And that is not all! Without even leaving the mall, you can settle your financial matters in a bank, buy a new mobile phone from any cell phone company operating in Latvia,have a new haircut and even get vaccinated. Spice has everything you may need! Come visit, and you will not leave empty-handed!

Shopping mall Spice development

Opened in October of 2001 with eighty merchandisers.

Second round of development completed in December of 2005, adding more than fifty new shops.

In April of 2006, Fashion Alley opens with more than twenty new fashion shops representing popular and world-famous brands.

RIMI hypermarket transformation completed in April of 2006- now it boasts its own bakery, a café and a freshly-squeezed juice bar.

In November of 2007, specialised household goods mall Spice Home opens with forty interior design, furniture and household product shops - the largest such shopping mall in the Baltics.

In October of 2010, left-turn lane is added to Lielirbes Street and Spice infrastructure development is completed, increasing transport through put and the number of parking spaces, adding a pedestrian lane betweenthe Spice and Spice Home malls, and opening a new playground for kids.

A total of more than 55.6 million euro has been invested in the construction and development of the shopping mall Spice.

Facts and figures.

Spice is constantly developing with the help of leading Baltic real estate company «Kapitel» (, until November 2017 known as «E.L.L. Real Estate». The company focuses on long-term real estate investments and is engaged in the developing, operating and managing of the commercial property sector (hotels, business and office buildings and industrial property). Its real estate portfolio includes more than 185,000 m² of leased space. «Kapitel» owns four of the leading shopping centers in the Baltics: Viru Keskus in Tallinn, Spice and Spice Home in Riga, Panorama in Vilnius. Hundreds of popular brands and retailers are located in the shopping centres that are a popular shopping destination for over 36.5 million visitors every year. Almost 2000 people spend their working days in four «Kapitel» office buildings, while more than 300,000 people stay in two hotels in Tallinn annually. The company was established in 1997 by Estonian entrepreneurs. In 2016 its revenue was 42 million euros. Today «Kapitel» branches in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania employ 50 people.


Total area of shopping mall Spice 77 600 m2
Floor area 41 112 m2
Children’s playground Over 2000m2
LIDO catering complex 2 000 m2
Total number of shops as of now 162
Number of parking spaces 1291 open-air parking spaces, 700 parking spaces in garage
(combined with Spice Home)
Attire outlets 41
Footwear, handbags and briefcases 18
Underwear, socks 5
Sports and recreation 4
Rimi and Elkor Sport & Fashion hypermarkets 2
Products for kids 12
Gifts, souvenirs, accessories 11
Books, flowers 10
Jewellery, watches 10
Pharmacy, optometry 4
Cosmetics, perfume 12
Services, banks 18
Electronics, IT, telephones 4
Household, interior design products 4
Delicatessen 4
Restaurants, cafes 13