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marketing opportunities

Banner on multi-storey parking house (51 x 7m)

Banner on Spice parking, near entrance A (22,77 x 11,91m)

Banner on stand near Lielirbes Street (4 x 8m)

Car placement in Palm alley

Car placement, near iBlues

Car placement in large atrium, near ZARA

Car placement between Vairāk Saules and Debenhams (entrance A)

Car placement outside, nearby entrance A

Stickers on entrance doors – entrance A

Stickers on entrance doors – entrance B

Stickers on entrance doors – entrance C

Stickers on multi-storey parking entrance doors (P2, P3, P4)

Advertising on escalator – large atrium

Advertising on travelator – small atrium

Flags in the palm atrium (6 pcs 0,75 x 4,5m)

Digital stands (12 pcs)

Stand placement Spice

Stickers on shopping carts (6 pcs)

Stickers on the floor

Stand placement under the stairs

Promo activities in Spice territory

Placement of posters in elevators (2 pcs, 0,7 x 1,01m)

Stickers on stair glasses in the small atrium

Video screen – large atrium (1280 x 384 px)

Video screen – small atrium (864 x 336 px)

Events at the parking lot

Events in the shopping center


Radio ad (12 spots in day)

Placement of booklets in the information center

Light box in multi-storey parking house

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