marketing opportunities

Poster pillars

10 piecesWould you like for all Shopping Centre Spice visitors to see your advertisement?

- Put your brand on the poster pillar, we have ten of them located throughout the territory of the shopping centre.

Placing of stands

Do you have a product that needs advertising? – Use any of the stands throughout the Shopping Centre Spice.

Your new product will not remain unnoticed!

Placing of a vehicle in the territory of Spice

Too few clients are coming to look at the new vehicle model? 

– Bring it to the clients! Spice offers places for display of vehicles, so that everyone can look at them and find out about more the new vehicle model.

Placing of large format posters

Would you like to place a large format poster for everyone to see? – Use any of the places offered by Shopping Centre Spice for placement of posters. It will not remain unnoticed!

Advertisements on escalators

Is your store on the second floor and you would like everyone from the first floor to find out about it? – Advertisements on escalators are just the right thing for you!

Floor stickers throughout Spice

Would you like that visitors of Spice come straight to your store? – So lead them to your store yourself! Use floor stickers throughout the territory of Spice.

Video advertising

Various video ads always attract people’s attention, so use this opportunity to show your video ad to all visitors of Spice!

Audio advertising

Your advertisement in the whole Shopping Centre Spice? – Why not? Use audio advertising and no visitor will be able to evade your

Handing out of brochures

Do you need a small but efficient advertising? – handing out of brochures has always been efficient and this way you can please your potential clients by nice surprises right in their hands.