About Spice

The story about a space under the stairs that wanted to become something more

Once upon a time there was a space under the stairs in Spice - spacious enough, bright enough, but nothing special. Her job was to guard the stairs, and she did that very responsibly. Every day, the space under the stairs greeted the visitors of the centre, but hardly anyone even looked at her - people rarely look at a space under the stairs anyway. The sparrows greeted her, but they were also more interested in their palm.

Then one day, or rather night, the reconstruction started in Spice - it was an unprecedented hustle and bustle for nights - people coming and going, forklifts driving, ceilings being measured and remeasured by millimetres. And then... one by one, they appeared - glass raindrops. They came to Spice like the fresh morning chill of the Riga seaside, like the dew of the solstice in the meadow, like the fertile rain, like the refreshing proximity of nature. In the light, they seemed light and airy, so fragile and mesmerising that the space under the stairs could not take her eyes off them. 

"Hello! Who are you and what is your job?", the space under the stairs one day got the courage to politely ask this question to her new neighbours. 

The little drops, which now were dozens (hundreds?) from the ceiling, laughed lightly in unison and replied: "We are rain and dew, water and light, we are nature and human work, we are a poem in glass. We are a piece of art. We were drawn and created by Artis Nīmanis, Nora Gavare and Gatis Upītis. Our job is to create happiness and magic, to make people look up!" 

Since that day, the space under the stairs had no peace, she also wanted something more from life, she wanted to be looked at and to be beautiful. 

And one day, the space under the stairs, being quite brave, approached the Spice's staff with a request for a new outfit. At first, the staff were confused - they hadn't heard the space under the stairs talking in other centres, or making any offers. 

But in Spice, initiatives have always been supported. And the space under the stairs already knew what she wanted - to create happiness, to shine in the light and to see the guests' faces turned towards her. 

The Spice's staff and the invited artists discussed the matter and concluded that the space under the stairs therefore wanted to be a mirror. And there she is, right in front of your eyes. 

A Spice's space under the stairs that wanted to bring joy. 

Smile at her!

All roads lead to new Spice!