About Spice

Story of "Spice then" and "Spice now"

For 20 years, Riga has had a shopping centre called Spice. 

And everything was great - excellent staff and inspiring guests, outstanding shops, creative events and activities, even their own lucky carp, palm trees and two sparrows.

But Spice wanted more. It wanted a fresh look. 

And Spice said to its colleagues - it's time! I want to be a fashion avenue with a new look! 

And then everyone got together - Spice's management and staff, architects and designers, builders and accountants. 

And the conclusion was - it won't be easy or cheap, but anything is possible. 

And everyone got to work. 

How did it all happen? 

Like this: 

The reconstruction took one and a half years and involved an investment of €9 million. 

All work was carried out ONLY during night hours. 

300 workers worked on the renovation. 

25 forklifts operated in parallel every night and travelled a total of 4160 kilometres, which is like (geographical comparison - for example, twice around the globe). 

There were also some incidents - three tenants' facades were accidentally smashed, three Clear Channel billboards were driven into ... and twice in the same one. 

Numerous times the forklifts were driven into the lift doors. There have been one major flood and several smaller ones. 

7565 square metres of common area were renovated.

The entire interior has been renovated and new unique design works have been created. 

The sound system has been replaced. 

Lighting solutions have been completely replaced and 2321 new lights have been installed. 

Ventilation systems have been replaced and energy efficiency improved. 

The BREEAM Sustainability Certificate has been obtained. 

And it's not just numbers and words. It's work and imagination, creativity and precision down to the hundredth of a millimetre, experimentation, trials, problems and their solutions, enormous responsibility and synergy. 

One morning Spice opened its eyes and doors and said - yes, now I feel it - the new life! 

The light, the airiness, the spaciousness, the birds and the raindrops, the comfort and the new leisure places. This is an environment where it is easy to be and breathe, where the whole world smiles back. 

All roads lead to new Spice!