Support Latvian youth!


Buy any Narvesen hot drink in MOT XL cup and support the motivational program for Latvian youth!

Narvesen donates 3 cents from the price of each drink to MOT program.

MOT is a program for students teaching essential skills of life to them. Its purpose is to create strong youth preventing bullying, violence, use of drugs and alcohol, social exclusion and mental problems arising from that. MOT mission is creation of more open, welcoming and secure society.

MOT program philosophy is based on 3 universal human values:

  • Dare to live - allow yourself to fulfil great dreams, be enthusiastic, dare to take up challenges, live one’s life more purposefully, responsibly and joyfully;
  • Dare to care - be attentive to others, help those feeling lonely or excluded, do not judge, be interested, be understanding and accepting of the aspects of lives of others; be respectful;
  • Dare to say “no” – decline from choices that harm yourself or others to say “yes” to something more significant and valuable.

Join the MOT support – look for the special MOT cup in Narvesen points of sale!

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