Interior design store "4ROOM" awaits visitors in new premises

At the end of August, the "4ROOM" store in the "Spice Home" shopping center opened its doors to visitors again.

The interior design store "4ROOM" located in the shopping center "Spice Home" with its bright and spacious layout motivates every visitor to beautify their accommodation. The store's range of offers allows every visitor to choose the most suitable furniture, lighting or decor for their home.

"4ROOM" is an experienced company in interior design solutions, with its unique and creative spirit, to design and create projects in the improvement of various spaces, starting with room projects, spacious, modern offices and ending with tasteful restaurant spaces.

Since 2009, "4ROOM" has been offering a rich range of products from European and Scandinavian manufacturers of the highest quality, both in the selection of lighting and switches, as well as a wide range of furniture. The interior design store offers personalized full interior concept solutions for various spaces, striking a balance between aesthetics and quality and not losing sight of each client's idea of creating and beautifying a unique environment only for them.

The renovated "4ROOM" interior store is located on the 1st floor of the "Spice Home" shopping centre.