Zara introduces its latest brand concept store for the first time in the Baltic region

Apranga group, leading fashion retailer in the Baltic States, introduces latest Zara brand concept store in the region. Located in the shopping center “Spice”, the store since its initial opening in 2007, has more than doubled in size. The redesign is focused on sustainability and enhancing the overall user experience.  

“As for a long time this Zara store has been the smallest in our portfolio this is some kind of Cinderella story because now this is the most modern, best digitally integrated and offering unique user experience Zara store in the region,” says Rimantas Perveneckas the CEO of Apranga group. 

Currently this is the only store in Baltics with full digitalization and full RFID integration. The digitalization allows customers to order their purchases online and collect them without any interaction with stores staff. This is possible because of the new Click & Collect services. However, the store experience that we all love is not disappearing, its rather improving by getting more simpler and more comfortable for the customers. The fully RFID integrated store allows customers to request other sizes, colors, or items without leaving the fitting area and the technology allows customers to view all available sizes or modifications in real time. This is the new concept for the future stores – combining unique inhouse shopping with the full digital integration.

“We are thrilled to welcome Zara's latest brand concept store to Spice, marking a significant milestone for both our shopping mall and the Baltic region. This addition reaffirms Spice as a unique shopping destination, where fashion-forward consumers can experience the best in retail innovation. We look forward to offering our visitors an immersive shopping experience like never before,” says Iveta Priedite, Managing Director at shopping centrs “Spice” and “Spice Home”.

As for the new design of the store, it involves a complete overhaul of the lighting system, the introduction of automation in the store's backend operations, and a significant integration of natural materials. This approach aligns with Inditex's commitment to eco-friendly stores, which has long been their standard.

The design has also improved the overall working conditions for the staff. With the new comfortable lounge area, the employees will be able to rest and get to work with the energy they need to perform their best.

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