Elektrum and Spice shopping centre launch largest electric car charging station developed in partnership

Today, the largest electric car charging station, developed by JSC Latvenergo’s brand Elektrum in cooperation with a partner, Spice shopping centre, was launched. Electromobility support has become an important part in corporate relations with the customer. According to a survey results, a large part of Latvian residents is ready to choose an electric car.

Supporting sustainable business and customers’ green lifestyle, simultaneous charging of 7 electric cars will be ensured in shopping centre Spice. Solutions have been specially adapted so that the charging station can be actively used by clients who are in a hurry, having arrived for just a short moment, and also for those who have more time to charge their cars without hurry. This is ensured by five 22kW and two 25 kW chargers.

Janis Vitenbergs, Minister of Economics of the Republic of Latvia: "Electromobility is becoming an everyday thing, people more often choose environmentally-friendly transport vehicles, while business representatives, adapting to people’s lifestyle, implement sustainable solutions and new green business forms in order to promote and develop climate-friendly processes and give a new impulse to national economic development. I commend our largest energy operator who has resolved to achieve a steeper progress in development of electric transport in Latvia, opening new electric car charging stations. This is an excellent example of cooperation where we see a joint project by a state-held company and private business. It is a step in the right direction, ensuring Latvia’s contribution to achieving the green course targets.”

Guntars Balcuns, JSC Latvenergo board chairman: "Electromobility in a short time has turned from a trial into reality: the leading car building companies are already announcing plans to stop manufacturing internal combustion engines, while many clients say that an electric car is their primary choice. JSC Latvenergo forecasts for development of electromobility suggest that soon we will see a turning point when the price of an electric car will be similar to that of an internal combustion car or even cheaper. Latvenergo wants to be ready for that, therefore we are developing electric car charging infrastructure already now. A survey conducted in spring showed that 26% of respondents accept the idea of replacing their internal combustion engine car with an electric car. I am glad about Spice’s decision, and I promise that this project will be continued.”

Development of charging stations in Spice shopping centre is a part of sustainable business approach – supporting requirements of our customers’ lifestyle, the company is developing a contemporary image and following customers’ wishes. The idea of an electric car seems most attractive for the active part of the society at the age of 18-34.

Artis Teibe, Head of Maintenance and Development of Spice shopping centre: “For more than five years, there have been two electric car charging stations by Spice Home shopping centre, and, following a sustainable business approach, seeing the growing demand, a logical step towards development of the environment promoting green thinking and habits is to ensure electric car charging stations for clients also in Spice shopping centre. We highly value time of our customers, therefore, in cooperation with Elektrum, medium-fast and fast charging stations have been installed – while the car is charging, clients will manage to run all necessary chores in the shopping centre. In the future, in cooperation with Electrum, we plan to further develop the electric car charging network by Spice shopping centre, installing four additional charging stations, renovating the car park and developing a micromobility station for bicycles, electric scooters and other environmentally-friendly transport.”

Currently, clients may access 44 charging stations in Elektrum network, some of them are installed in cooperation with partners, and Spice shopping centre is one of them, thinking about convenience of their customers.

Continuing development, by the end of 2021, by opening more than 80 charging stations in Riga and regional centres, Elektrum will become the largest commercial network of electric car charging stations in Latvia. In all Electrum charging stations customers pay for the used kilowatt hours (kWh), which is a convenient and accurate way to assess the charging volume. Owners of electric cars can purchase charging equipment and accessories that can be used also at home on Elektrum online store.