RIGA FASHION WEEK will be opened with a virtual 3D show in the shopping center “Spice”

During the opening of Riga Fashion Week on May 27, for the first time in the Baltics, a virtual show of a digital clothing collection created by Ukrainian 3D fashion designers in collaboration with Latvian digital specialists from Bad Frogs will take place. Guests of the event will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the digital universe, and explore the exhibition of 3D outfits after the show. Visitors to the shopping centre Spice will be able to participate in the virtual 3D show on May 28 and 29.

The opening of the 34th session of the Fashion Week will be marked by a presentation of a digital clothing collection by 3D fashion designers from Ukraine, students of the first and one of the largest clothing design schools in Ukraine — Pushka School.

At the heart of the RFW digital show is peace in Ukraine. The digital show is designed to take place in an open-air wheat field. The blue sky and the golden field are a recreation of the Ukrainian flag, which is the main symbol of the state. The futuristic constructions that accompany the show are augmented reality, forming a new perception of the world. The guests of the presentation will “transport” into the future, see the details of the outfits up close, and after the virtual show, they will be able to watch the exhibition of the 3D collection.

“The students of Pushka Shcool were forced to leave their homes, their homeland, and now everyone is in different parts of Europe. Each of them wants to return home, so the main idea of the collection is the Ukrainian identity, their roots, the vision of Ukraine's DNA. Fashion collections, presented during the show, can be purchased on the DRESSX global retail platform, as well as in NFT format on the Support UA Gallery. Thanks to the co-founders of the project: the NFT agency CTRL/ART/D and the famous Ukrainian gallery owner Lika Spivakovskaya, the money from the sold works will be sent to help the Ukrainian army,” shares the head of Pushka School Irina Krasilnikova.

Creating a virtual image is no different from creating a real costume — it all starts with an idea. During the first stage of the work, 3D designers study the sources of inspiration, create sketches on the computer. The created sketches are transferred to 3D format and assembled in programs on digital avatars. The peculiarity of virtual clothes is that when creating images, you can combine familiar fabrics and styles with futuristic textures, digital fur, dragon skin detailing and metallic fabric.

“When developing the virtual show, the most difficult thing was to preserve as much of the original information provided by the artists as possible, since there is always a question of optimizing the operation of electronic devices and balancing between the real and the virtual. Thanks to the students of Pushka School and the opportunity provided by RFW, we were able to create a world and mood that we want to share with the audience,” says Andrey Leskovsky, a representative of Bad Frogs, the company that developed the RFW virtual show.

“Fashion is something that is inextricably linked with the shopping centre Spice. We keep up with the times, follow the global fashion trends, so it is a great honour for us to host the first digital fashion show in the Baltics at our premises. We are convinced that this will be the beginning of a new milestone in the industry,” says Iveta Priedite, head of the shopping centre Spice and Spice Home. 

The presentation of digital fashion will be available for everyone at the Spice shopping centre on May 28 and 29 from 12:00-17:00 near the information desk on the first floor of the centre.

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