Spice shopping mall invests EUR 800 000 in promenade

In May this year, construction works were officially launched to develop a promenade between shopping malls Spice and Spice Home. The total investments of the project reach EUR 800 000, and it will be completed by the end of September.

“Our goal is to create a pleasant and inspiring environment for our customers. The thought-through architecture will improve the environment around the shopping centres, making a walk between both centres more convenient, pleasant and safer,” said Spice shopping centre director Kadrija Pudova. “Besides, specially-designed module houses on the promenade will offer gourmet products by eight tenants that meet customers’ wishes – starting from fresh vegetables, meat and seafood to different cuisines offered by restaurants.”

Sustainable solutions will be used in the promenade, creating safe and convenient environment for spending time – there will be tables and convenient benches for enjoying outdoor meals.

“In everyday work and in development projects we are trying to use sustainable solutions where possible,” said Head of Maintenance and Development of Spice and Spice Home Artis Teibe. “The promenade constructions and module houses will be made of wood, while solutions made of recycled materials will be used in the territory of the promenade. There will be solar panels placed on the roof that will generate electricity for heating and conditioning of the tenant premises. The project will include benches for customers with solar panels for charging devices. There will also be a micromobility spot with parking for bicycles and electric scooters and charging stations for electric cars.”

The promenade has been designed by SIA Lejnieku Projektesanas Birojs and reconstruction works are carried out by SIA PRO DEV and contractor SIA Fabrum.