Spice shopping center expands its technology segment

Three tech giants – Euronics, TET and Samsung – became tenants of the Spice and Spice Home shopping centers at the end of November by opening new concept stores of their respective brands.

Euronics, one of Europe’s leading electronics retail groups, opened a store of its latest concept at the Spice Home shopping center on November 17. The company invested EUR 2 million in the creation of the new 2,600 square meters large concept store.  The store offers more than 6,000 goods, including large and small household appliances, various IT tools, smart devices and kitchen equipment, among many others. At this store, shoppers will be able to buy goods that previously had only been available at online stores, for instance, musical instruments and devices used by content producers. This is the first store of this brand with electronic price tags displayed so shoppers can be sure of the accuracy of the prices, which in turn makes the job of the staff easier. The store has been designed to make it as close to a home environment as possible, and the shoppers have been given the opportunity to test the goods.

“We are truly delighted that Euronics, TET and Samsung have joined the list of the shopping centers Spice and Spice Home tenants. This is a very serious step in the development of the shopping centers’ technology segment, and all the newly opened stores have been furbished in accordance with their latest concepts, becoming a unique destination for our visitors and ensuring the best shopping experience,” informs Iveta Priedite, head of the shopping centers Spice and Spice Home. 

On November 17, another tech giant – TET – celebrated the opening of a household equipment store of its brand. At the store, which offers a vast range of products, each shopper can find the best products of their choice like washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers that previously were only available at the TET online store, latest TV models, as well as the most popular smartphones and digital devices. The new store also offers the latest kitchen equipment, beauty care electronics and domestic appliances. Furthermore, the store has a Samsung Device eXperience area where shoppers can learn how to connect several devices of the same brand into a network for a more convenient day-to-day use.

On November 23, the largest Samsung store in the Baltics will launch at the Spice shopping center with a grandiose program of opening events. The product range of the new store will include various electronic goods of the Samsung brand like mobile devices, household appliances and television sets. Like at the Euronics store, goods at the new Samsung concept store will be arranged in settings resembling home, allowing for their close inspection. There too, shoppers will be given the opportunity to test interconnected Samsung technologies and discover their genuine convenience and mutual functionality.