Now it is even easier to buy a “Spice” gift card

A great gift for the holidays – a gift card in your favorite shopping center, and now you can buy a “Spice” gift card even more conveniently using the bank-link function.

In addition to the existing gift card payment options (for bank transfer or order payment upon receiving the gift card in person), we have introduced an additional third payment method – the “Spice” shopping center gift card can be purchased online using the Bank-link function. The bank-link tool envisages making payments in the Internet bank by selecting one of the most recognizable banks in Latvia: Swedbank, Citadele, Luminor, SEB. The buyer will choose the bank from which to make the payment and, by logging in to the selected internet bank, all that remains is to confirm the already completed payment order.

Get the best gift for your loved ones – the joy of shopping at the shopping center "Spice"!

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