The first barista robot in the Baltic States is made available at Spice Shopping Centre

This project is the company's first step out of the traditional petrol station environment in order to be closer to its customers and provide quality "Virši" coffee and other much-loved beverages to everyone. Although barista robots are already common around the world and travellers can see them in airports and other public places, this technology was not available in Latvia and other Baltic countries until now.

The technology is based on a highly sophisticated system that allows all the robot's operating parameters to be monitored remotely and adjusted if necessary. The barista robot has its own operating system, but the coffee machine has a completely different one. Its operating mechanism is a sophisticated configuration that combines the two systems, thus communicating with each other about the customer's needs and ensuring excellent drink quality, comparable to barista-quality coffee.

Discover the possibilities of the new barista robot on the 2nd floor of the "Spice" shopping centre, next to the "Lido" restaurant and "E.Gulbja Laboratorija": VIRŠI Coffee (