"Chantelle" lingerie store has opened in the "Spice" shopping centre

With a new look, the store of the French lingerie brand "Chantelle" has opened its doors to visitors, where every woman will find the most suitable lingerie, swimwear, tights and sleepwear.

The new "Chantelle" store offers a wide range of the latest collections of brands such as "Passionata", "Chantelle", "Chantal Tomas" and "Femilet". The interior of the store is decorated in light colors with dark accents, highlighting the elegant and sophisticated products offered by the brand.

"Chantelle" is an international creative studio, a family business that has been developing lingerie in the best French traditions since 1876. The brand's values are based on respect, creativity, honesty and quality, which is perfectly demonstrated by the products available in “Chantelle” stores. The brand's lingerie challenges traditional underwear design principles from the very beginning, so that every woman can find the most suitable and high-quality lingerie for herself and her personality.

"Chantelle" stands for beauty in all its forms - be it people and their diversity, nature and its riches or knowledge and history.

Look for the new "Chantelle" store on the 1st floor of the "Spice" shopping center!