The first "Reima" store in Latvia has opened in the "Spice" shopping centre

 The brand "Reima" has opened its first independent store in Latvia, where it will offer durable and functional children's clothes. "Reima" outerwear is designed with the desire to allow children to be active and feel comfortable in any conditions.

Outerwear, shoes and accessories for children offered by "Reima" are adapted to a wide variety of weather conditions. For rainy days, in the store you will find colourful rain clothes made of safe and flexible materials. On the other hand, as the cold months of the year approach, the store offers a wide range of children's overalls, which will make the child feel warm during active play in the snow. To make it easy to navigate in the store, the collections are divided into separate stands.

The new store currently displays a wide collection of winter clothes, decorated with bright colours and interesting patterns. The store's bright rooms and bright lights make them stand out, while the wide aisles make them easy to see, especially for moms with strollers.

 You will find the "Reima" store on the 2nd floor of the "Spice" shopping centre.