The most impressive “Euronics” store has opened in the “Spice Home” shopping centre

On November 17, one of Europe's leading electrical engineering store groups “Euronics” opened the latest concept store in the “Spice Home” shopping centre. The company has invested two million euros in the newest concept store, and this is the only such concept store in the Baltics.

The total area of the new "Euronics" store reaches 2,600 square meters, of which 1,900 are the sales hall and 700 square meters of the store's warehouse and employee rest rooms. More than 6,000 products are available in the extensive store, including large and small household appliances, kitchen appliances, various types of smart devices and IT tools, as well as products that were previously only available in the online store, such as musical instruments and devices used by content creators on a daily basis.

The store is arranged in such a way as to bring it as close as possible to the home environment, so that it is easier for visitors to view and assess how the goods will fit into their home. In addition, this is the first "Euronics" store where electronic price tags have been installed for the convenience of visitors and employees. They will not only ensure that the visitor is always informed about the true price of the product but will also make the daily life of employees easier.

"Euronics" is the leading group of electronics stores in Europe, in which approximately 5,540 companies are involved throughout Europe, Australia, and they include more than 11,500 stores, while in Latvia there have been stores of the brand since 2006.

The latest concept "Euronics" store is located on the 1st floor of the "Spice Home" shopping centre.