“LAGE Gastronomija” cafe opens its doors in the Spice shopping center after reconstruction

Today, in the shopping center “Spice”, after reconstruction opens the new "LAGE Gastronomija" cafe. From now on, the cafe will delight its visitors in new, bright premises, offering delicious food, pastries and premium coffee!

New "LAGE Gastronomija" cafe in the shopping center "Spice" is now open to the public in a more spacious form - 62 square meters. The cafe is decorated in light colors and is ready to welcome food and drink lovers like never before - the cafe offers a wider range of products and dishes. It is stocked with premium coffee, that is roasted in Latvia, and coffee is made using a professional espresso machine. 

In addition, the cafe has more tables and seating than before, taking care of anyone who wants to enjoy a leisurely meal or a freshly baked pastry while visiting the Spice shopping center.

"LAGE Gastronomija” is located on the first floor of the “Spice” shopping center.

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