The first "FreshFruit" store opens in the Promenade of the "Spice" shopping center

The first "FreshFruit" fruit and vegetable store in Latvia has opened on the Promenade that connects the "Spice" and "Spice Home" shopping centers.

"FreshFruit" is a domestic brand that offers visitors high-quality vegetables, fruits and various products. The specialty of the brand is fresh vegetables and fruits, however, on the shelves of the store, you will also find pickles of local masters, sauerkraut, various fruit juices and syrups, as well as dried fruits and nuts. 

The assortment of the store consists of domestic natural products as well as fresh exotic fruits from proven producers and distributors. The greatest value of "FreshFruit" is high-quality production, therefore every product found in the store is selected with great care.

The new “FreshFruit” store you will find at the Promenade!