"Get More Food" joins the Promenade of the "Spice" shopping center

Mobile restaurant service provider "Get More Food" joins the list of tenants of "Spice" shopping center "Promenade", which has established cooperation with "Old Hong Kong" restaurant in order to offer its customers as diverse dishes as possible.

“Get More Food” is a new concept mobile food company that focuses on providing differentiated products to provide customers with more food choices, taste and visual experience, and convenience in daily life.  Providing manual and automated service is the company's main direction of future development.

In order to provide a broader taste experience to its customers, "Get More Food" has established cooperation with the "Old Hong Kong" restaurant, which is an authentic Chinese restaurant in the center of Riga. For three years, the "Old Hong Kong" restaurant has won the Restaurant Guru award as the best Chinese restaurant in Riga. The restaurant's menu offers more than 100 different authentic Chinese dishes that will give customers a new taste experience!

Go to the Promenade of the "Spice" shopping center for an unprecedented taste experience!

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