“Melnā govs” joins the Promenade of the shopping center "Spice"

Meat products dealer "Melnā govs" joins the range of tenants of the "Spice" shopping center Promenade. The store's assortment is quite wide, from fresh meat to smoked meats, giving gourmands the opportunity to taste various products prepared in accordance with the best European and Latvian traditions.

"Melnā Govs" is a domestic meat factory that combines high-quality, healthy meat preparation recipes and the idea of a better tomorrow.

Often, in the rush of everyday life, we tend to prefer quick and familiar choices. "Melnā Govs" says "NO!" for haste and unhealthy eating. The meat factory invites its customers to go in the opposite direction by saying "YES!" for high-quality products, high-value raw materials obtained from organic farms, and educating customers about the nutritional value of products. In the manufacturer's store, you will be able to taste meat products prepared according to the meat preparation recipes of different regions and countries.

Go to the shopping center "Spice" Promenade for meat delicacies!