Beloved beverage brand “HOOLIGAAN” joins “Spice” shopping centre

The rich selection of "HOOLIGAAN" bubble teas, coffees and other drinks is now also available to visitors of the "Spice" shopping center. The Latvian brand started operating in 2020 and has already become the leading coffee and bubble tea bar in our country.

"HOOLIGAAN", in cooperation with Latvia's leading bartenders, have created the most suitable drink flavors for our market. "HOOLIGAAN" offers visitors the option to create their own bubble tea, choosing from various drink bases and enriching it with colorful and delicious boba balls. Also, visitors appreciate the opportunity to taste drinks, the creation of which has been inspired by well-known Hollywood films and series, as well as popular video games.

You will find the booth of the bubble tea and coffee bar "HOLIGAAN" on the 2nd floor of the "Spice" shopping centre.