Shopping centre Spice invests EUR 7 million in interior design project

With the start of year 2022, shopping centre Spice has launched interior redecoration project. The total investments in the project reach EUR 7 million, and the project should be completed by the end of this year.

“This is a very significant project for shopping centre Spice, and much time and resources have been invested in it in order to develop the best concept that meets values of our brand and target customers. The goal of the new project is to create an environment that inspires. While developing the new interior design concept, sustainability and viability of each object was put in the focus, adding value to each detail. Every new element in the renovation project has been selected in order to make our customers feel better – not only because the interior is visually more attractive, but also because of innovative solutions and use of sustainable materials,” said Managing Director and Member of the Management Board of Spice and Spice Home Marie Vaino.

The significant changes include replacement of the floor surface, renovation of engineering systems to adapt them for contemporary quality requirements, development of special areas, for example, a family room and a playground, as well as other works. The concept intertwines work of world-known local artists in different design elements.

A number of professionals have been engaged in development of the new concept. NStudio is the author of the basic concept, which was further developed by strategic creative consultants – Ilona Bogdane and Nora Gavare. Construction works are supervised by SIA Fabrum. The project manager is Sanita Rubene.

“The new interior of shopping centre Spice has been developed based on the local colour palette. It signifies freshness, light, warmth and naturalness that we as a nation and country feel close, distancing from grey and gloomy shades. Lighting has been in a special focus. In contrast to the usually cool lighting of shopping centres, the new Spice concept will have warm lighting, creating a sense of home and relaxation,” said shopping centre Spice strategic creative consultant and INTERIOR 11 designer Ilona Bodane about the new project.

Shopping centre Spice will have new areas – a family room and a playground. “In the creative process we untangled what is a “game” and what is “playing”, and it does not mean that this area is only for children. Rather it is memory and joy to experience and remember something – therefore the playground has been developed for everyone. We will also integrate design elements characteristic of Latvian nature, such as upholstered furniture in the shape of pebbles that are characteristic of Latvian beaches.” said shopping centre Spice strategic creative consultant and NŌR Design founder, interior designer Nora Gavare.