Spice shopping center has a ridgepole celebration in its promenade

Following the completion of an important construction stage and decoration of the roof ridge with a traditional oak wreath, the ridgepole celebration of the new promenade between Spice and Spice Home shopping centers.

Construction of the new promenade between Spice and Spice Home shopping centers started in May 2021. Total investment in the project amounts to EUR 800,000, and construction is planned to finish by the end of September 2021.

“Construction of the promenade is important for Spice shopping center, and we are eagerly awaiting its opening in end of October 2021. We aimed to create a pleasant and inspiring environment for our customers, and now that all major works are completed and the new promenade is almost finished we see that we have achieved our goal. I would like to say thank you to the construction team, the architects, designers and construction supervisors,” says Artis Teibe, the Management and Development Manager of Spice and Spice Home shopping centers.

As previously reported, sustainable solutions were used during the construction and design of the promenade, and its thoughtfully composed architecture will improve the environment near both shopping centers, making the passage between them more comfortable, pleasant and safer.

The new promenade will house purpose-built module stands with high-quality gourmet products from local producers, including fresh vegetables, meat and seafood, as well as restaurant fare from various countries and cultures. Visitors will be able to use tables and chairs to enjoy their meals and some fresh air outside.

Māris Stakens, Chairman of the Management Board at SIA PRO DEV, says “The promenade is a striking spatial object that many noticed and appreciated even before its completion. Shopping has always been a part of our culture, and this building alludes to the past when shopping took place in an open market. It is quite rare to have the ridgepole celebration so late during the construction process, but this time it was possible and we have to say thank you to everyone who contributed, as well as our cooperation partners and developers.

Sanita Rubene, SIA FABRUM Building Supervisor, commented “Since May 2021, we have had just one key goal: build a quality building that will offer more recreational opportunities at Spice shopping center for visitors to enjoy. Standing here, below this beautiful oak wreath, I would like to say thank you to everyone who was involved in the construction process: customers, designers and builders for their efforts and fruitful cooperation.”

The new promenade was designed by SIA ‘Lejnieku projektēšanas birojs’ and is being built by SIA PRO DEV with supervision from SIA Fabrum.