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The leading manufacturer of high-qulity production for your healthy and comfortable dream – the widest range of orthopedic and classical matrasses, top-matrasses and pillows. Individual size and shapes production. Various matress configurations – two-sided and wood framed.
Matrasses – fulfill a lot of important functions, thus forming a very speacial part of your living room's interior. They must make you feel comfortable, relax you after a very long day, support your tired back and prevent the risks of having the locomotor system diseases.
But you are unique and equally unique are the conditions under wich you feel comfortable, your physiological data, body build, budget and much more. That is why we, matching up or using solely inovative and traditional technologies, have created the widest range of models that will satisfy any client's needs. Whereas, our highly professional consultants will always help you take the right decision.
We guarantee the highest quality. Our matrasses are hand-made with special attention being paid to our clients. Our highest priority is healthy backs and comfortable dream of our clients!

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