SCHOLLER saldējums

SCHOLLER saldējums

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Our motto - SCHOLLER is designed to please the eye and taste.

SCHOLLER ice cream was developed in collaboration with our brand ambassador, Chef Kurt Scheller. With his help, such tasty and femous flavors OREO, MILKA, PAVLOVA, BUBBLE GUM, LION, CACTUS have been developed.

Scholler ice cream is made on the basis of only natural cream, with the addition of fruit yoghurts, fruit cocktails and frozen fruits and berries - strawberries, grapes, raspberries and others.

Scholler ice cream can be called an antidepressant because it improves mood and reduces nervous tension. And also fill our lives with positive emotions!

At the SCHOLLER ice cream stand, you can also buy - bubble waffles, freshly squeezed juices and mixes, and natural coffee. Welcome to visit!!!

Pets allowed