Mūzas istaba

Mūzas istaba

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Are you wondering where to find inspiration for open-minded and creative flight of thought? People get inspired in many different ways, but we find it in our home — "Mūzas Istaba"

We wish that sense of cosiness is felt in every home! Goodness, warmth, peace and comfort — these feelings make the room cosy. And this is a place where lives true love and family traditions.

"Mūzas Istaba" traditions runs through the years, contributed by community and strong, family-oriented link.

Our home is our castle! That’s why we make every effort to contribute the feeling of comfort for every family member in every home.

All the efforts you invest in your home will pay back: cosiness will bring a sense of joy, and you will get inspired even without noticing it.

We are proud to offer upholstered furniture created by Swedish, Norwegian and Belgium designers, as well as original and practical home décor items from Netherland, India, France, Germany and more.

At our stores you will find sofas and lounges, hallway furniture, upholstered stools, beds and mattresses, small and big tables, chests of drawers, wardrobes, carpets and textile, various tasteful interior items and even much more.