About Spice

The secret story of Palm Alley

Everything thrives in Spice, including even the most unlikely friendships and symbioses.

One day, several years ago, two sparrows flew into Spice. Through which door and at what time of the day - the theories vary and no one can say for sure, but one day they were just here.

Spice workers were worried, but the ornithologists just shook their heads - they couldn't catch two small birds safely in such a big building. But whether the birds liked fashion or life in comfort, they were in no hurry to leave. They have been living here ever since, without any worries - they eat lunch at Lido or Costa Coffee, nibbling on bread crumbs that the guests have left. Employees are already used to their new colleagues, and lawyers are wondering how to create a legal status for them. Sometimes we have to apologise to our guests that the sparrows have shamelessly stolen a piece of bread, but the sparrows themselves just sit in the palm and stare at us. 

In the palm! 

Yes, the couple of sparrows have fallen in love with Spice's iconic palm trees. They have been kept from the previous interior design and continue the story of Spice as the place where the world meets and tropical summer comes to our latitudes. 

And neither sparrows nor visitors need to worry about drinking water in Spice at the moment. Latvia can be proud of the excellent quality drinking water, but rarely can it be enjoyed in such an aesthetic place as here. The centre's new water point is made of real stone and is supported by a natural pebble floor. Look up - the ceiling reflects the flow of water in the Sun, an artwork created by glass artist Artis Nīmanis by using a special technology. Art that literally flows... 

Spice sparrows like everything. And ours already know everything! 

All roads lead to new Spice!