About Spice

The story of the adventure of the KOI carp

Carp have lived in Spice since the very beginning. And not just any carp, but KOI carp. They quickly realised that their pool had become a symbol of the centre and told everyone who would listen about their ancestry and their origins in Japan, where Koi are considered to be fortune bearers and a symbol of high status. Obviously, all of Spice's successes were also attributed to the carp presence. This was also confirmed by the care of the 

staff - the fish were literally hand-fed. Carp in Spice were both clever and well-behaved - when they heard people's voices or even footsteps, they swam up to say hello and chat - about the weather, the latest fashion trends and the water quality in the pool. And it was always found to be excellent - as a team of ichthyologists supervised it.
And then it was time for the reconstruction - but the Spice's carp didn't see it, because they took a trip to the fish spa a pre-prepared pool with the same water composition to make them feel "at home". When the carp returned, they were greeted by a completely renovated home - a pool with new tiled rails and filtration equipment. To reduce the shock, the fish returned home in small groups. But still, despite everything, some carp seemed a bit depressed and resentful about such an unwelcome journey.
Then they were cheered up by Spice's staff, ichthyologists and the fish that had already adapted and were now poetically telling all the news.
"Look, look - we have a new info centre and counter. Like a silk ribbon, it wraps around the heart of Spice and wraps up experiences and values! It is metal that has turned into silk. It speaks of joy and festivities, of care and personal attitude."
"And here, 170 decorative birds are hanging from the ceiling. No, those are not our sparrows. Look how majestically they fly - it looks just like a bird's path in the sky."
And while listening to all this, even the grumpiest carp started to smile.
After all, it's a celebration. And their job is to bring good luck.

All roads lead to new Spice!