The only Pinko store in Latvia has opened at the Spice shopping center

The Italian fashion brand Pinko became a tenant of the Spice shopping center at the beginning of December by opening a store on the shopping center’s ground floor. With the launch of its store, Pinko strengthens its foothold in the Latvian market. The opening of the store in Latvia is a significant step for the further development of Pinko as a fashion brand. 

The store has been furnished in accordance with the visual identity characteristic of the brand, which focuses on natural esthetics. The interior design is based on neutrality and nature. Shoppers are welcomed into a bamboo forest featuring the most typical elements of the brand’s identity: an open layout commercial space with various shopper-interest areas, equipped with ocher and bright fuchsia carpets and brass showcases. 

“The decision to enter the Baltic region was determined by the achieved results in the Eastern European markets, where over the past five years we have not only established ourselves, but also demonstrated a rapid and consistent growth. We have no doubt that the experience gained here will allow us to better identify and adapt to the needs of our customers,“ says Pinko CEO Pietro Negra. 

Pietro Negro also indicates that the Spice shopping center was chosen because it is one of the most prestigious shopping destinations in Latvia. Pinko has earned global recognition with the high-quality, elegant, exclusive but at the same time youthful style that is characteristic of its garments and accessories, which in Negra’s opinion the Spice shopping center excellently represents.

The Pinko brand owns more than 250 stores and 1,500 wholesale outlets all over the world. Pinko invites women to freely try out new styles, so they can feel self-confident and irresistible. The brand offers a range of refreshing, bold and modern luxury-standard collections for reasonable prices. From a smart casual outfit to much bolder fashion statements and striking elements and accessories – each product is thoroughly planned and manufactured in Italy to highlight the best features in every woman. 

At the new store, shoppers are offered various garments, bags, accessories and footwear from the brand’s 2021 autumn/winter and 2022 spring/summer collections.