An expanded “BALTIC DATA” store has been opened in the “Spice Home” shopping centre

On April 25, the expanded and renovated “BALTIC DATA” information technology store opened in the “Spice Home” shopping centre.

The renovated and expanded BALTIC DATA store in the Spice Home shopping centre is mainly focused on customer convenience and service. This is the second largest brand store in Latvia, which offers a wide range of computer goods and accessories to customers and computer game enthusiasts. Also in this store, visitors have the opportunity to buy "BALTIC DATA" brand "NITU" game computers, which with the help of a specialist you will be able to adapt to the wishes of each computer game enthusiast for the best gaming experience. In the store, it is possible to assemble computer equipment not only for gaming, but also for the office, with the help of specialists, and the brand also offers service services if the need arises.

This year “BALTIC DATA” celebrates 30 years since the brand was founded and is currently one of the most stable and reliable companies in the information technology market. Currently, the brand has 16 specialized hardware retail stores throughout Latvia.

The new “BALTIC DATA” store is located on the 2nd floor of “Spice Home”.