In the "Spice Home" shopping centre, the largest "ALANDEKO" store in the Baltics is available to visitors

The designer brand "ALANDEKO" invites visitors to the expanded and renovated premises. The brand store located in the "Spice Home" shopping centre has become the largest "ALANDEKO" store in the Baltics after renovation.

"ALANDEKO" is a company founded in Latvia with more than 30 years of experience and one of the most recognizable interior segment brands in the Baltic States. "ALANDEKO" store in the "Spice Home" shopping centre after its reconstruction has become the largest network store in the Baltics, where you can view the most widely represented assortment of home furnishing products in one place.

The store has separate areas for the design of curtains and blinds, the display of built-in furniture, as well as areas for upholstered furniture, tables and chairs. All products are not only divided into groups, but also arranged in separate demo rooms. In these rooms, visitors can get to know different styles of interior decoration and get ideas for their home.

Also, the "ALANDEKO" store has an expanded shop-in-shop concept area of the German brand "KARE", where it is possible not only to buy the goods displayed on the spot, but also to order interior items, furniture and decorations from the catalogue.

The "ALANDEKO" store is located on the 1st floor of the "Spice Home" shopping centre.