"Reserved" clothing store gets a makeover

The store of the Polish brand “Reserved” has opened its doors in the “Spice” shopping centre, with a new interior design. The new look reflects Reserved's core values - classic patterns and new, unique fashion offers.

The interior of the renovated store is very minimalist, with white as the dominant colour, complemented by black and wooden accents. With its white lighting and wide aisles of fitting cubicles, the store resembles a runway of a fashion show. Wooden elements appear in several places in the store, from decorative wooden panels on the walls to wooden bases for displaying clothes.

Reserved offers a wide range of clothing for the whole family, both adults and children, in several themed collections. Eco Aware is a special collection designed to make fashion more sustainable and responsible by using ecological fabrics and making changes to make production and transport processes more environmentally friendly. The Premium Quality collection was created for lovers of minimalism and versatile design - a series of garments made from high-quality materials to ensure their longevity.

You can find the new Reserved store on the 1st floor of the shopping centre:

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