Check it out! The new promotional video of the Spice shopping center Spice was made in a unique and exclusive studio

The LEDunit studio was just opened in Latvia. It boasts a unique LED screen wall and a combination of virtual technologies. The Spice shopping center was the first client to have a new promotional video made in this studio. The new ad video was created by Nord DDB Riga.

The LED wall at the studio uses a game driver to display backgrounds and visual effects that are fully integrated with the physical environment and shooting equipment, and provides ideal lighting that accurately mimics natural light, shade and reflections in a way that merges reality with the enormous LED wall. Only a few European capitals as well as the US and Canada can boast such studios.   Currently, the LEDunit Studio is the only one of its kind in the Baltic States: it was created to develop the local movie industry as well as for commercial purposes. Thanks to almost 1,500 m2 of floor space, it is one of the five largest LED studios in the world.

It was recently used to shoot a commercial video for the first time: a promotional video for the Spice shopping center.

“The virtual studio offers endless possibilities. Just one click of a button can completely transform the set. The biggest challenge is not to get lost in the possibilities, and make the right choice for your story,” explains Reinis Spaile, the director of the promotional video for the Spice shopping center.

“At Spice, we support innovation and new solutions, so we are very happy that we were the first to have the opportunity to test this studio to create the new promotional video. We will try to keep our customers happy with other inspiring stories,” says Linda Kalniņa, Head of Marketing at the Spice shopping center.

“The theme of the new Spice promotional video is the “Art of seeing oneself”, and the idea behind it came from the advertising agency Nord DDB Riga”. “Self-awareness and self-acceptance thanks to a targeted quest to discover your true self is the theme of the advertising campaign,” explains Edgars Kuzmins, Creative Director of Nord DDB Riga. “The video invites viewers to stop for a moment and take a good look deep inside, open up to their feelings and thoughts, and let their personality and style speak,” continues Reinis Spaile.

How the video was made:

Spice video: