"Lido" restaurant resumes work in the "Spice" shopping centre after extensive reconstruction

After a month and a half of reconstruction in the "Spice" shopping centre, the "Lido" restaurant is re-opening, in the reconstruction and modernization of which 1.8 million euros were invested. The restaurant will now be able to accommodate 600 visitors at a time.

"Lido" has been an integral part of the "Spice" shopping centre for more than 16 years, and now the favourite restaurant of visitors has acquired a brand-new look. The layout and interior of the restaurant was transformed in such a way that it became brighter, more modern, while preserving traditional elements. The wide windows provide the restaurant's customers with the opportunity to be in a bright, sunlit place to enjoy a leisurely, pleasant meal.

In the restaurant, you can familiarize yourself with the extended menu, which consists of almost 200 items. In addition to traditional "Lido" dishes beloved by customers, visitors are offered current "street food" dishes in an expanded assortment/selection.

The company "Lido" is the largest catering company in Latvia, founded in 1987. The restaurant has a unique concept with a distinctive menu and interior and furniture design. The "Lido" group of companies includes 13 restaurants and 4 stores in Latvia (Riga and Ādaži), 3 restaurants in Estonia (Tallinn), a meat and culinary production plant, a brewery and a pastry shop in Riga.

The renovated "Lido" restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of the "Spice" shopping centre.