Famous Latvian stylists unveil the Style Room created in the shopping centre Spice

Last weekend, the Style Room opened its doors in the shopping centre Spice. This is a place where visitors can use the services of renowned Latvian stylists to create their own unique and most appropriate personal style.

Together with well-known stylists in Latvia – Dace Krieviņa-Bahmane, Olga Kolotova, Anatoly Ksenofontov and Kristīne Rudzinska, clients will have the opportunity to build a new wardrobe and discover their style in this special room.

“This year, the shopping centre Spice is investing in change. We have started large-scale work on the renovation of the shopping centre, and the creation of the Style Room is another very significant project that we are implementing this year. We want to offer our customers a new and unprecedented experience, because the priority of the shopping centre Spice is the well-being of the client and excellent service,” says Iveta Priedīte, Managing Director at the shopping centres Spice and Spice Home.

Sustainable materials such as brass, glass and marble were used in the creation of the Style Room. The interior also uses furniture and other interior elements that are already considered icons of design because they have stood the test of time. Namely, these are things which have been manufactured for more than 50 years and their value is only growing but the design does not age. The interior of the Style Room in the shopping centre Spice was designed by Ilona Bogdane, the interior designer of INTERIOR 11.

“It was important for me to create an environment where the client feels pampered. In my opinion, such a room should not be flashy and pompous, but should support the client in this transformation, which in its essence is a complex process of change where the exterior is getting adapted to the client’s inner individual world. Therefore, it was important for the entire creative team to shape a high-quality environment that gives a sense of support, and this was achieved through various design elements, including lighting, rounded shapes and light, beige and natural tones,” says Ilona Bogdane.

Olga Kolotova, stylist of the Style Room in the shopping centre Spice, believes that we want to look good and enjoy pleasant emotions during the shopping process and get admiring glances after it. “In my experience, I have noticed that most of all we want to get rid of the annoying question: “What to wear?”. That is why there is a need for an experienced stylist who is able not only to creatively build an image and choose suitable, high-quality garments, but most importantly, to strictly structure the wardrobe so that its elements can be easily coordinated and interchanged,” says Olga Kolotova.

Dace Krieviņa-Bahmane, stylist of the Style Room, believes that a visit to a stylist can be somewhat compared to a session with a psychologist, since wardrobe change is more than just a new piece of apparel on a hanger. “The desire to change the style of clothing is not just an empty whim. Most often, it is linked to the eagerness to get rid of emotional burden or associations with the previous stage of life, or with the need to feel comfortable in a new position or social status. A renewed wardrobe that is more fitting for your situation helps to raise self-esteem, and streamlines and facilitates many daily processes. You should realise not only what you want and whether you are ready for change, but also the fact that when you go to a stylist, you start a very valuable and useful process of self-improvement,” claims Dace Krieviņa-Bahmane.

In turn, Kristīne Rudzinska emphasises that working on style can also be a very pleasant experience. “For the client, it’s not just getting the closet in order, but also undergoing a self-discovery process. In reality, every small step is a big step forward. A smart stylist initially allows the client to manage these small steps, because it creates a safe environment for cooperation, as a result of which the stylist takes on the role of a guide, a guardian angel or even a fairy,” says Kristīne Rudzinska. 

Meanwhile, Anatoly Ksenofontov, the only male stylist in the Style Room of the shopping centre Spice, claims that one should look not for style but for one’s individuality and the opportunity to emphasise it. Then a style that fits will come up. He also laughs that you should always start with a conversation and a glass of champagne.

Find out more about the Style Room and the style consultations: www.spicestyle.en