Members of the LIAA Creative Industries Business Incubator will open a pop-up store in the shopping centre SPICE in December

In December, a pop-up store of the members of the Creative Industries Business Incubator under the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) will open its doors in the shopping centre SPICE in Riga, where you can buy products created by young entrepreneurs as well as get to know the representatives of this community and their various companies.

With the holiday season just around the corner, there will be a chance to buy diverse, offbeat, innovative, and practical items as gifts as well as get acquainted with the community of young entrepreneurs that was established under the auspices of the LIAA Creative Industries Business Incubator. This community brings together bright and interesting individuals from a wide range of industries.

Besides creating and growing their companies towards their goals, members of this community also learn, inspire and support each other. Therefore, the concept of the store is also to demonstrate this diversity and at the same time inspire other young entrepreneurs to follow their ideas and goals.

In addition to buying gifts for the holidays, the pop-up store of the LIAA Creative Industries Business Incubator community will offer an opportunity to meet the company’s founders and employees, get to know them better, and speak with them. A total of 13 LIAA Creative Industries Business Incubator community members will participate in the pop-up store.

Ausma is a children’s content producer known for creating popular Latvian children’s series like Tutas lietas, Ukulele, and Emī and Rū. Ausma offers toys, games, books, clothing, and other items based on the themes of the series.

TULLIA HOME offers home textiles, such as velvet decorative pillows and satin bed linen, tablecloths, and cloth napkins. You can bring a festive mood to your home with these hand-drawn motifs of Latvian forest nature printed on selected fabrics!

Mini Explorer offers sustainable minimalist wooden toys for children made from handcrafted materials.

BALTAIS VALIS is an illustrated educational magazine and book publisher for children. The magazine is a great source of ideas for the whole family, and the books will be useful for those interested in reading more, exploring the world, or being creative.

PETIT BABU offers Latvian-made home textiles and accessories for children. The company’s offer includes changing mats, bath towels and bathrobes, bed linen, blankets, cocoons, and many others.

MUTA is a sustainable clothing and lifestyle brand that manufactures home and leisure wear from organic cotton in Latvia. The company’s goal is to make customers feel comfortable in any life situation.

ULECE kids is a Latvian brand for children that creates heatable eco-dolls filled with cherry or grape seeds as well as fur-covered hot water bottles.

MIZO is a backpack brand that focuses on the principles of slow fashion: responsibility for both the customer and the environment. MIZO bags are a great accessory for both a business meeting and a trip to the theatre.

Babbit® is a music centre with built-in Spotify®, specifically designed for families with inquisitive and independent children.

Cloudberry offers designer paper products and gifts. The most popular of these are two-sided goal planners that help you find the 25th hour in the day, and photo albums that will complement photos with designer cards.

Nomad offers hiking gear of the highest quality.

REDEEFIN is a Mediterranean-inspired, inclusive swimwear and beachwear brand with shapewear designs that beautifully complement every woman’s body type.

For Lovers and Trees creates 100% natural, high-quality knitwear. The company’s mission is to love nature and inspire women to go out into nature more, while also feeling warm, comfortable, and beautiful.