After the reconstruction, the new concept store of the cosmetics brand "MADARA Cosmetics" has opened its doors in the shopping center "Spice"

The natural cosmetics brand "MADARA Cosmetics" has opened a store in the shopping center "Spice", offering a wide range of skincare and make-up cosmetics. The brand has earned worldwide recognition for its unconventional approach to natural cosmetics, exclusive active ingredients, and special excellence in the category of toning products.

"We started a new store design experience last year with a pop-up stand in one of the most prestigious shopping centers in Paris, and we are continuing to bring it to our brand stores in Latvia. With the new interior concept, we wanted to create a sanctuary for MADARA Cosmetics guests surrounded by nature in an urban environment - a place to come and gain a deeper understanding of their skin and its care," says Lotte Tisenkopf-Iltner, co-founder of MADARA Cosmetics.

The natural values that guide the company are also the basis for the interior design concept of the new “MADARA Cosmetics” brand store. It focuses on natural, sustainable finishes and nature-inspired interior details that accentuate the overall mood and character of the space. The space itself and the composition of its furnishings tell their own story as a background language, bringing to the front the human being and his experience of skin care.

Customers consistently appreciate the opportunity to try the brand's most popular products in “MADARA Cosmetics'” physical stores, as well as to receive personalized advice, choosing and designing the best routine for their skin condition from a wide range of more than 200 products.

Look out for the reopened MADARA Cosmetics store on the 1st floor of the “Spice” shopping center:

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