Anna Jurjāne wins the «Spice» sympathy award at the LAA 2022 fashion show

On June 9, in the Āgenskalns market, the annual fashion show of the Latvian Academy of Arts (LAA) was held, where the works of fashion design students were on display. For the second year in a row, the “Spice” shopping centre awarded sympathy awards and the young designer Anna Jurjāne was awarded the biggest prize.

Anna Jurjāne, a bachelor’s graduate, won the “Spice” award - support for the promotion of the collection and a special section in the magazine LIFE. She received the award for her costume collection entitled "For Those Who Dream".

The development of the Latvian fashion space is especially important for the Spice shopping centre as a fashion flagship, therefore we stand for the provision of support for young designers. Last year, the sympathy award was given to Una Pūpola, who has already grown to the world fashion level, taking part in the Paris Fashion Week.

Fashion shows are organized by students of the LAA design department in cooperation with the Department of Fashion Art. This year the fashion show took place in a very unusual place - in the newly opened Āgenskalns market. The fashion show was inspired by costumes from different parts of history, which matched the venue perfectly. The fashion show organized by the Latvian Academy of Arts provides an opportunity to look into the future of fashion and be inspired by the creative achievements of young talents.