The "FunFlowers" flower stand has been opened in the "Spice" shopping center

The "FunFlowers" flower shop joins the list of tenants of the "Spice" shopping center, which offers customers a wide range of freshly cut flowers, ready-made bouquets, indoor plants, plush Bukowski Design toys, as well as postcards. The company also provides florist services to make every customer's wishes come true, creating unique and inspiring compositions that will surprise and delight.

In addition to the wide range of flowers, "FunFlowers" also offers its customers flower delivery in Riga and the nearest districts of Riga. Since the holidays are unimaginable without beautiful flowers and decorations, the company also provides full-service floristic services, as well as all necessary decorations to decorate and create a festive atmosphere at various types of events, such as weddings and birthday parties.

Aware of environmental responsibility, the brand cooperates with suppliers who support the brand's values and follow environmentally friendly flower growing and harvesting methods. Our planet holds an incredible diversity of flowers and plants, so FunFlowers strives to preserve their beauty. The company provides customers with the highest quality, choosing only the freshest and most beautiful flowers, so that each bouquet is a real work of art.

Look for the new "FunFlowers" flower stand on the 1st floor of the "Spice" shopping center.

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