Shopping center "Spice" opens the first newest concept “CHANGE Lingerie” store in the Baltics

Shopping center "Spice" has added the lingerie and nightwear brand "CHANGE Lingerie" to its line of tenants, offering a wide range of lingerie to suit all tastes and moods, both for everyday wear and for the more special moments in life. The newly opened store is the brand's first new concept store in the Baltics.

"CHANGE Lingerie" is a lingerie shop that appreciates the natural beauty of every woman. The brand offers 88 bra sizes, in cups from A to N, giving comfort to beauty. In addition to the sophisticated lingerie design, women also appreciate the excellent quality of the brand's lingerie.

The brand focuses on high-quality service, which is why "CHANGE Lingerie" stores around the world are staffed by carefully trained customer specialists who will help you choose lingerie that brings out your best side, find the lingerie and nightwear that suits your body, and at the same time provide an exciting shopping experience.

The interior is decorated in a Scandinavian style, with soft and light colors, wood and brushed metal. It's light, sophisticated, and at the same time very feminine. The soft furnishings, chosen in an elegant shade of old rose, create a particularly feminine and cozy atmosphere.

"CHANGE Lingerie” can be found on the 1st floor of the “Spice” shopping center:

CHANGE Lingerie (