The newest concept beauty salon ''Kollona'' after reconstruction opens its doors in the shopping center ''Spice''.

After reconstruction, the first beauty salon of the newest concept "Kolonna" is opened in the shopping center "Spice". The new salon concept has been improved with new and modern twists.

The interior is a mix of styles but is based on functionality, simplicity, and comfort. The interior design uses a free combination of materials - natural wood combined with metal and mirror surfaces, as well as vinyl and stone. The plants in the interior provide a kind of eco-luxury feel, bringing life to the rooms and improving the air quality. The salon's main aim is to emphasise individuality, which goes hand in hand with the salon's new guideline: ''Kollona'' is a place, where personality shines through!

The "Kollona" salon offers a wide range of services - hairdressing, manicures and pedicures, facials and body treatments, beauty treatments, and waxing. However, the existing range of cosmetic services has been extended by the new "Visible Age Reverse" treatment, which is now available in 4 salons. "Visible Age Reverse" is an anti-aging treatment and an effective alternative to a registered trademark in aesthetic medicine. Also, an innovative novelty from the French professional cosmetic brand "Guinot" - a device and a special treatment for the hair - is coming soon to the "Kollona" salons.

The new beauty salon ''Kollona'' is located on the 2nd floor of the shopping center: