Women's clothing store "MOHITO" opened its doors in the "Spice" shopping centre

Women's clothing store "MOHITO" has joined the list of tenants of the "Spice" shopping centre. The brand offers clothing for young, self-confident, and independent women who value originality and stylish urban elegance. MOHITO also creates special collections in collaboration with global celebrities.

The interior of the store is designed in soft and light tones. It is complemented by wood as well as black and gold matte metal accents. Artificial plants bring the breath of nature into the interior of the store, which are complemented by earthy flower pots. A special natural aesthetic is also created by the wood used in the interior in decorative panels, shelves, elevations, and bases for displaying clothing.

"MOHITO" is created for real fashion connoisseurs who appreciate unconventional elegance. The brand carefully follows global trends, deftly balancing inspiring ideas with today's most desirable features - wearing comfort and functionality. "MOHITO" offers classic and modern cut products in a wide range of colours and patterns. Currently, the store offers a wide range of feminine autumn collections.

The new "MOHITO" store is located on the 1st floor of the "Spice" shopping centre: