Shopping centre Spice takes a step towards sustainability: the largest solar park in Baltic retail industry to date put into operation

Shopping centre Spice has taken another step towards sustainability by installing a solar park on the roof of the complex. Spice has therefore become the first mall to do so. This innovative project is the first of its kind in the Baltics and is part of the shopping centre’s commitment to sustainable and renewable energy. 

The solar park, which was installed at the end of 2022 in cooperation with Elektrum, covers an area of 5,000 square metres on the roof of the shopping centre’s car park. A total of 1,450 solar panels have been installed there with a total system capacity of 652 kW, which will produce at least 555,531 kWh for the shopping centre annually. The company will use solar energy produced there for self-consumption, which will cover 15% of the company’s total electricity consumption and give it the opportunity to be more independent from electricity producers and market prices.

Iveta Priedīte, Head of shopping centres Spice and SpiceHome: “The construction of this solar park is an important step in achieving the strategic sustainability goals of shopping centre Spice. We are really pleased with our cooperation partner Elektrum, which has helped us become the first retailer in the Baltics to implement a renewable energy project of this scale. We are not planning to stop at the solar park, we will continue to invest in sustainable solutions that will contribute to reduction of the ecological footprint of shopping centres Spice and Spice Home.”

Elektrum Sales Manager Dzintars Reksnis: “Electricity generated at the solar park will be used for Spice shopping centre’s self-consumption, and the electricity produced by the solar park correlates with the consumption needs of the shopping centre’s equipment, mostly cooling systems during the summer period. We are pleased about our successful cooperation with the customer, its involvement and preparatory work done, which made it possible to implement the project at the optimal time. The east-west arrangement of the solar panel system ensures a longer and more balanced energy production during daylight hours, instead of just a sharp rise in production in the middle of the day. Therefore Spice has obtained a cushion of energy for the convenience of businesses and customers during the active period of the day. This indicates well-chosen dynamics of production and consumption.”

Shopping malls are energy-intensive buildings that consume significant amounts of electricity. By installing the solar park, the goal of Spice shopping centre is to reduce the amount of energy obtained from non-renewable energy sources. Spice will therefore save on maintenance of the shopping centre and also help its tenants cut costs. The solar park will generate clean energy, which in turn will reduce the mall’s carbon footprint, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Installation of the solar park was implemented in cooperation with energy company Elektrum. The total investment in the project amounted to EUR 450,000. Elektrum provides long-term service and availability guarantee for the solar parks it builds, and ensures safe operation thereof.