After the reconstruction, the "Jānis Roze" bookstore opened its doors in the "Spice" shopping centre

The "Jānis Roze" bookstore is again available to visitors of the "Spice" shopping centre after reconstruction. It offers a wide range of stationery and books, office and hobby goods as well as toys.

"During the reconstruction, big changes have taken place, as not only a new design has been developed, but also the configuration of the store has changed. The basic assortment in the bookstore is stationery, books and toys, to which a new art department has also joined," says Ilze Veisbārde, marketing manager of "Jānis Roze".

For creative hobbyists and hobbyists, the bookstore offers paints for textiles, batik, glass and porcelain, Blockx watercolours and dry pastels, as well as Cernit polymer clay, which is ideal for making decor, jewellery, figurines, miniature food products, as well as furniture repair and restoration. The assortment has been expanded with Lyra brand watercolour pencils and coloured pencils. Soon, the bookstore will also offer Luk oil paints and brushes from the Italian brand Borciani e Bonazzi.

You will find the renovated "Jānis Roze" bookstore on the 2nd floor of the "Spice" shopping centre.